For several years he studied improvisation with teachers such as Ibrahim Maalouf, Garth Knox, Rachid Brahim-Djellul, Bruno Chevillon and Vincent Lê-Quang. Since 2016, he has worked on the development of several original projects, including Ensemble Kamaan, a contemporary Persian classical music group supported by the Conseil des arts de Montréal with a 2018-2019 tour of Canada and Hong Kong.



The Kimya ensemble (alchemy in Arabic), made up of four musicians from different backgrounds, spins the metaphor of the scientist who was once capable of transforming a metal alloy into gold through music with mixed sounds, the fruit of an encounter between santour, viola, cello and percussion, between East and West, and which leads to unexplored universes.

Amir Amiri and Olivier Marin’s creations and adaptations, impregnated with traditional motifs reworked in a resolutely contemporary approach, weave bridges between ancient cultures and the present time. Their musical dialogue blends Persian music and Western classical music: they extend their research to the world of quarter tones specific to Eastern music but also draw their inspiration from the Western repertoire proposing original arrangements of Garth Knox’s Folies d’Espagne or Black Brtittany in collaboration with the percussionist Roméo Monteiro and the cellist Myrtille Hertzel.

When cultures meet, they transform and enrich each other, and while Kimya revives the treasures of the past, the ensemble is not less turned towards the future with collaborative projects with digital artist Myriam Boucher.





In the eclectic musical universe of the Kamaan Ensemble, borders are abolished to make way for an intriguing alchemy through the bewitching conversation between Amir Amiri’s santour, Showan Tavakol’s kamanché, Behnaz Sohrabi’s rabab and voice and Olivier Marin’s viola. The breathtaking sounds of the kamanché, the delicacy of the rabab and the voice, the gentle fervour of the santur, and the depth of the viola’s timbre invoke ancient and nostalgic tales, balanced by familiar and original universal connections.



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Kamaan, photographe MATIAS Olivier



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Kamaan, photographe MATIAS Olivier







The Electro-Acoustic Free Improvisation Ensemble (Ensemble ILEA) is a variable geometry ensemble dedicated to mixed improvisation (instruments and electronics), created at the UdeM Faculty of Music in 2016, under the initiative of Kevin Gironnay. It explores different ways of guiding its improvisations and focuses on musical creation according to the intuition of the moment, embracing the unexpected.

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From the novel by the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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