Olivier has completed a master’s degree in musical interpretation at the University of Montreal with Jutta Puchhammer, and in 2016, he won  first place in the  Gérardmer-Kichompré international string competition in France. He has also received numerous scholarships which demonstrates his expertise. He plays regularly sonatas or as a soloist in different festivals where he has created original recitals combining classical, contemporary and world music.

   He began to practice viola when he was 6 years old, then Olivier was taught by Francoise Gneri and Claire Merlet in her master classes. After one year at the ‘Conservatoire de Paris’ He was admitted to the “Pôle Supérieur Artistique de Paris” in 2012 where he practiced with Louis Fima. He has also acquired a substantial amount of experience in chamber music and orchestra, in large part due to studies with the Quatuor Debussy at the ‘Conservatory de Lyon’. As an orchestral musician, he was selected to join the academies “L’Orchestre de Paris” and “L’Orchestre des Siècles”.


Duet Olitàn , Sonata R.Clarke, extracts from the show   “Sur les routes de la soie”



Nine Fingers Garth Knox, version for viola and double bass with Antoine Naturel


Piece of j. S. BACH interpreted in a viola recital  :



This is a piece from Mael Oudin “De la caverne aux étoiles” , a written piece of mixed music between the pure  sound of the Viola and the shadow with analog effects. This piece was integrated  into my show “Exils”